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SLAC Accelerator Research Experimental program Committee

Website for the most recent SAREC meeting
SAREC (SLAC Accelerator Research Experimental Program Committee) is appointed by and reports to the FACET & Test Facilities Division Director. 
Peer review is an essential element in ensuring that experimental facilities are utilized for the highest quality science and that the allocation of this scarce resource is fair and transparent.
Once a complete proposal is received, in or related to the field of accelerator research, it is assigned to the SLAC Accelerator Research Experimental program Committee (SAREC) which consists of scientists with expertise in various research fields, plus other external advisors. 
In some cases, the proposal is invited to be presented in person in front of the committee (typical for proposals sent to SAREC) and is reviewed by multiple experts. This would typically be as part of a two day meeting comprising new proposal presentations, facility updates and experiment status reports. The committee delivers a close-out report at the end of the review rating the new proposals.
Proposals are rated using the following rating scale: Excellent (1), Very Good (2), Good (3), Fair (4), and Poor (5). The rating is based on peer review taking into account the proposed experiment and the entire body of work being performed by the scientific team. ​
The overall charge of the SAREC committee is to:
·    Evaluate the merit of proposed R&D in SLAC’s experimental accelerator research facilities for advancing world-class accelerator science or accelerator technology
·    Evaluate the feasibility of proposed R&D in SLAC’s accelerator research facilities
·    Review the progress of existing R&D in SLAC’s accelerator research facilities
Specifically, with new proposals they are charged to: 
·    Evaluate the scientific merit and rate the technical risk of the NEW proposals for the SLAC Accelerator Test Facilities
·    Determine whether the new proposals would be appropriate at this time or in the future.        
With existing proposals they are charged to: 
·   Review existing R&D results at the SLAC Accelerator Test Facilities and which elements need further in-depth analysis (for example):
Is the science unique and is the progress compelling?
Is the program making effective use of facility and lab resources?
Could the program be enhanced by expanding the collaboration?

The proposals are in addition internally reviewed within FACET & Test Facilities Division, potentially with input from further SLAC Safety Matter Experts, to make sure the proposals are complete, self-consistent and feasible to be performed at SLAC. Often, facility staff will request supplemental information for this internal review which will also be made available to SAREC.


After Your Proposal is Accepted

Any experimental setup needs review and approval to be installed and operated at SLAC.
The FACET and Test Facilities staff are instrumental in getting the necessary safety approvals for you.
  • We know how the system works
  • We are part of the system
  • We can do many things for you – If you tell us what you want to do
  • This process can be quite fast for “normal” setups
  • But if you need “more exotic” components (e.g. hazardous gases) will take more time
  • Electrical components need to be UL listed (or equivalent)
    • That’s a tough one, because many devices you are using in your home institutes are not!
    • A European “CE” is not good enough at SLAC
    • SLAC has an inspection process to approve non listed devices
      • TF can do that
      • We will only allow the operation of approved devices

More information can be found in our Experimental Review document.


The form found at the end of the document is available also as a word document for editing. This should be completed to initiate the safety review discussions with Test Facility staff. Test Facility staff can help with further documentation that is part of SLAC ES&H.

Note: Radioactive sources need to be registered with RP prior to their arrival.

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