Current Research at FACET

FACET will develop more efficient ​and powerful accelerators through the study of plasma and dielectric wakefield acceleration. The facility also provides a unique "terahertz" lightsource for materials and biological research and ultrashort electron bunches for development of diagnostics.

For a description of Research Opportunities that may inspire you to come to FACET, see this page.

Designation​ Title​ PIs​ Contact​ ​Link to Experiment
​Link to Documents
E-200​ ​Multi-GeV Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiments  M. ​Hogan, C. Joshi, P. Muggli, SLAC-UCLA-USC Mark Hogan​ (SLAC) PWFA E200
E-201​ ​Wakefield Acceleration in Dielectric Structures ​J. Rosenzweig, G. Tavish, M. Hogan, P. Muggli, UCLA-SLAC-USC Gerard Andonian (UCLA)​ DWFA​ E201​
E-202​ ​Ultrafast processes in Magnetic Materials ​H. Durr, SLAC Ioan Tudosa (SLAC) E202 E202
E-203​ ​Single-shot determination of the time profile of fs long bunches by means of coherent Smith-Purcell radiation ​A. Reichold, Oxford Armin Reichold (Oxford) E203 E203
E-204​ ​Proposal for testing of metallic structures periodic structures at FACET ​V. Dolgashev, SLAC Valery Dolgashev (SLAC)​ E204
E-205​ ​High Gradient Dielectric Wakefield Measurement at FACET  A. Kanareykin, Euclid Techlabs LLC Alexei Kanareykin (Euclid) E205
E-206​ ​Characterizing Terahertz Radiation from the FACET Beam ​A. Fisher, SLAC Alan Fisher (SLAC)​ E206
E-207​ ​High-Gradient THz-scale Two-Channel Coaxial Dielectric Wake Field Accelerator Experiment  ​S. Shchelkunov, Yale E207
E-208​ ​Direct measurements of the transverse long-range wake-fields of CLIC main linac accelerating structures 
A. Grudiev, CERN
Alexej Grudiev (CERN) E208
​E-209 ​Study of the Self-Modulation of Long Lepton Bunches in Dense Plasmas and its Application to Advanced Acceleration Techniques ​J. Vieira, P. Muggli, M. Hogan Jorge Vieira (UTL) E-209 External Site E209
​E-210 ​Trojan Horse Plasma Wakefield Acceleration ​J. Rosenzweig, UCLA, B. Hidding, DESY/UCLA E210​
E-211​ ​Experimental verification of the effectiveness of linear collider final-focus feedbacks and alignment algorithms ​A. Latina (CERN) Andrea Latina (CERN) E-211
​E-212 ​Radiation from GeV electrons in diamond with intensities approaching the amplified radiation regime ​U. Uggerhøj (DPAAU) E212
E-213​ Temporal Limits of Electron-Phonon Interaction ​Ioan Tudusa (University of Pennsylvania) Ioan Tudusa (University of Pennsylvania)
E-214​ Monochromatic 10 MeV Gammas by a Miniature Undulator ​Michael Di Rosa (LANL) Michael Di Rosa (LANL)
E-215​ High-quality witness bunch generation and acceleration ​Jens Osterhoff (DESY) Jens Osterhoff (DESY)​
E-216​ Single Shot Femtosecond Beam Pulse Length Measurements ​Ralph Fiorito (Univ. of Maryland) Ralph Fiorito (Univ. of Maryland) E216
E-217​ Ionization and down-ramp injection proposal by the E200 team ​Chan Joshi, Wei Lu (UCLA), Mark Hogan (SLAC) Chan Joshi (UCLA)
​E-218 Single-Shot Imaging of THz-Induced Switching in IT Materials ​Hermann Durr (SLAC) Hermann Durr (SLAC)
​E-224 Visualization of electron-driven plasma wakefield accelerators​ ​Mike Downer (UT Austin) E224