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FACET 2013 Users Meeting

July 25 & 26, 2013
Mad River Conference Room (B52) - View Map
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Menlo Park, California
FACET-Facility for Advanced Accelerator Experimental Tests at SLAC-will provide high energy density electron and positron beams with peak currents of roughly 20 kA that are focused down to a 20x20 micron transverse spot size at an energy of 20 GeV. FACET's unique high-power beams will provide important science opportunities in many fields. FACET is one of two facilities that will meet the Department of Energy Mission Need Statement for an Advanced Plasma Acceleration Facility. With FACET, the SLAC linac will support a unique program concentrating on second-generation research in plasma wakefield acceleration with further time allotted for Dielectric Wakefield experiments. We also allow for smaller experiments that can take advantage of the high power FACET beams and are looking to expand our user community to include studies with THz radiation.
The FACET 2013 User Meeting will be held at SLAC in conjunction with the 4th SAREC Review on July 25-26th. There will be opportunities to discuss user issues with SLAC management and staff and to interact with other users when the SAREC committee is in closed sessions.

User Sessions Agenda:

For SAREC Review Agenda, click HERE.
​Date Start​ ​End ​Activity ​Organizer
Thursday, July 25th​ ​8:00 ​8:30
​Thursday, July 25th ​12:10 ​13:10 ​Data Acquisition
​Thursday, July 25th ​17:00 ​18:30
​Friday, July 26th 8:00 ​8:30
​Friday, July 26th ​11:00 ​13:00 ​Plasma Physics Session 1
​Friday, July 26th ​15:00 ​16:30 ​Plasma Physics Session 2 and Discussion
Plasma Physics Session Talks:
"E200 experiments with a Rb plasma source"                                        Navid Vafaei-Najafabadi
"Observation of high energy gain in high ionization potential Argon gas"    Sebastien Corde
"Transverse effects in beam-driven PWFA"                                          Erik Adli
"Physics of E200 as revealed through PIC simulations"                           Weiming An
"Ionization injection into a PWFA"                                                      Chris Clayton
"Relativistic effects in laser-plasma / beam-plasma interactions and on limits on relaxation times of plasma colliders"                                                                                      Aakash Sahai
Data Acquistion:
"The E200 DAQ"    Sebastien Corde and Joel Frederico (with material from Spencer Gessner)

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