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FACET Program and Schedule


Next Run Schedule

The FY16 run will be split into two parts.
Part two begins in January 2016 and ends April 2016.
Positron beam time has not yet been allocated. We are currently in discussion with the relevent PIs.
Due to the changing nature of the day-to-day running, we ask that users contact us before making firm travel plans to gauge the likelihood of the dates being met and also send us their travel itineraries when they are confirmed. Please refer to the arrival procedures.
Please consult the "Scheduling FAQ". Any questions or comments should be directed to Christine Clarke.


FACET had its first formal run in 2012 with beam commissioning beginning in March and experiments beginning in April. The experimental run was 12 weeks long. FACET's second run was in 2013 from February 18th to July 1st (19 weeks).

The FY13 schedule is linked here (part one) and linked here (part two). The run schedule was goal-based and the dates were estimates for when we expected the goals to be completed. This model will be how we schedule beam time in the future also as the goal-based method ensures the best quality beam delivery and support for the experiments. 

FY14 had a run split into two parts. Part One schedule is posted below.

FY14 Part Two:

FY15 and FY16 were also split into two parts.
FY15 Part One schedule:

FY15 Part Two:
FY15 FACET Run Goal Schedule Part Two.pdf

 FY16 Part One:

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