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Welcome to ATF2

     ATF (Accelerator Test Facility) is a facility that was built for advanced R&D work on a part of a future electron-positron linear collider. The main research focus at ATF is on production, measurement and control of ultra-low emittance beam that is critical for realization of linear colliders whose collision beam energy exceeds 250 GeV. The ATF project at KEK was initiated in 1993. It started out with a collaboration by accelerator physicists high energy physicists and engineers at KEK from a number of Japanese universities. By now the collaboration has grown and it includes significant participation by research colleagues from SLAC and LBNL of US, PAL of Korea, IHEP of China, BINP of Protvino, Russia, DESY of Germany and CERN of Europe.

For more information, you can view the Old ATF(KEK) home page here.

Also, check out the home page for ATF2 at ILC-Asia here.


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