Life Sciences

 Life Sciences Workshop

February 10-11, 2015 
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Menlo Park, CA


Invited Speakers:

  • Wah Chiu - Baylor College of Medicine 
  • David Eisenberg - UCLA
  • Robert Stroud - University of California San Francisco 
  • George Phillips - Rice University 
  • Dmitri Svergun - European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Hamburg
  • Marius Schmidt -  University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 
  • Richard Kirian - Dept. of Physics, ASU

 *Note: These speakers have been invited but are not yet confirmed.

 Life Sciences Workshop Agenda​

Breakout Discussions

Discussions Topic Groups

Breakout Leaders

Nano-crystallography – structure & dynamics    Download Agenda​

Sebastien Boutet, Vadim Cherezov

Structure & dynamics of solution macromolecular complexes & assemblies Download Agenda​

Sebastian Doniach, Peter Zwart

Coherent diffractive imaging – single molecules/particles   Download Agenda​

 Christoph Bostedt, Anton Barty 

​Spectroscopy & resonant inelastic scattering/emission (RIXS/XES)

 Uwe Bergmann, Vittal Yachandra


LCLS-II will provide revolutionary opportunities in Life Sciences from understanding the molecular mechanism of photosynthesis to visualizing the dynamics of biomolecules as they function. These opportunities arise from the unprecedented combination of high-repetition rate, photon energy range, short pulse duration and high coherence of LCLS-II.


The LCLS-II Life Sciences workshop aims to identify high-impact scientific questions that can be uniquely addressed with LCLS-II. Plenary presentations on the first day will address Grand Challenge topics in preparation for breakout sessions on the second day to discuss specific scientific and technical challenges.