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Advanced X-ray Methods & Instrumentation for LCLS-II-HE Science, 16-17 October 2018


Supporting Documents

(1) viewgraph template for contributed ideas
 Wed AM Breakout Sessions - objectives.pdf
(2) objectives and topics for Wed. AM breakouts
 LCLS-II and HE tuning curves.jpg
(3) LCLS-II and HE tuning curves
 LCLS-II-HE Science Case.pdf
(4) LCLS-II-HE Science - excerpts from CD-0 proposal
(5) table of LCLS-II-HE X-ray parameters
 LCLS-II-HE Instrumentation.pdf
overview of initial plans for LCLS-II-HE instrumentation
 LCLC-II-HE Facility Overview.pptx
overview of LCLS-II-HE Facility
 LCLS-II-HE Science Opportunities Overview.pdf
overview of LCLS-II-HE science case
 Fritz LCLS-II HE Overview v2.pdf
slides from plenary session - Fritz
 Schoenlein charge and intro slides.pdf
slides from plenary session - Schoenlein

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