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Perl Memorial, 12 February 2016


SLAC Conferences, Workshops & Symposiums > Perl Memorial, 12 February 2016

Martin Perl Symposium
Friday, 12 February 2016
Panofsky Auditorium, SUSB (Bldg. 53)
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Color Stripe

​13:00 ​Welcome
​13:05 Introduction and Early Career: Chemistry, Nuclear Moments, Hadrons
(S.C.C. Ting, Remarks and Chair)
    Rafe Schindler (SLAC)
    Larry Jones (Michigan)
13:50​ ​Beginnings at SLAC: Nature of Leptons and the Mark I Story
(R. Taylor, Remarks and Chair)
    Burt Richter (SLAC)
    Robert Cahn (LBNL)
​15:00 ​Break
15:30​ ​Mid-Career at SLAC: The Tau and the Third Generation
(G. Hanson, Remarks and Chair)
    Gary Feldman (Harvard)
    Hinrich Meyer (DESY)
​16:30 ​Final Quests: Free Quarks and the Asymptotic Paradigm
(M. Peskin, Remarks and Chair)
    Dinesh Loomba (UNM)
17:00​ ​Martin Perl: Portrait of a Scientist and Mentor
    Jonathan Dorfan (OIST)
​17:30 ​Reception and Buffet Dinner
Science and User Support Building
Recollections (J. Jaros, Chair)
    Joseph Perl (SLAC)
    Open Microphone






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