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Workshop on FEL Photon Diagnostics, Instrumentation, and Beamline Design, 1-3 May 2017


SLAC Conferences, Workshops & Symposiums > Workshop on FEL Photon Diagnostics, Instrumentation, and Beamline Design, 1-3 May 2017

Workshop on FEL Photon Diagnostics,
Instrumentation, and Beamline Design

1-3 May, 2017
Building 51, Kavli Auditorium
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Menlo Park, CA

NEW: FINAL program available in PDF format. 

Please download the 
Monday May 1st program here
Tuesday and Wednesday program​ here
and the POSTER list here

Download the  Photon Diagnostic abstracts booklet


Monday May 1st

Workshop at the Kavli Auditorium

Reception at the Arrillaga Center (SLAC) - Poster Session

Reception partially supported by our sponsors and hosted by CHEF RUTILIO “RUDY” FANETTI-DURÁN (C’Era Una Volta Restaurant​, Alameda, CA)


Tuesday May 2

 Workshop at the Kavli Auditorium

Social Dinner at the Mavericks Event Center (Half Moon Bay)​ and presentation of the first FELs of Europe Award on Photon Transport and Diagnostic - dinner partially supported by our sponsors

Wednesday May 3rd

Workshop (1/2 day) at the Kavli Auditorium

Workshop on High Heat Load Wavefront Preserving Mirrors (afternoon) at the Kavli Auditorium

​Thursday May 4th

Satellite Event: Damage and Photon Diagnostic collaboration meeting

 List of speakers (in alphabetic order)

Coffee R.

Use of two optical polarizations to increase the sensitive of the arrival time monitors

Cojocaru R.

A speckle-based method for hard X-ray pulse wavefront characterization

Dovillaire G.

XUV/X-ray Hartmann Wavefront Sensor calibration

Faatz B.

Advanced options at FLASH2 and future perspectives

Goldberg K.

Non-invasive Wavefront Sensing and Wavefront Preservation Technologies for ALS-U

Grünert J.

Installation and Technical Commissioning of Photon Diagnostics in the Hard and Soft X-ray Undulator Beamlines of the European XFEL

Heimann P.

Laser Power Meters as X-ray Intensity Monitors for LCLS-II

Hirano T.

Characterizing temporal coherence property of SACLA-XFEL pulses using hard X-ray split-and-delay optics

Inoue I.

Recent developments of X-ray optics and photon diagnostics at SACLA

Ivanov R.

Temporal characterization on FLASH FEL Pulses

Juha L.

Ablation and desorption imprints of XUV/x-ray laser beams: current status of the method and its comparison with other techniques 

Juranić P. N. 

Temporal Diagnostic at SwissFEL

Keitel B.

First Hartmann wave front measurements at FLASH2

Kolodziej T.

Curved diamond-crystal spectrographs for x-ray free-electron laser noninvasivediagnostics

Krzywinski J.

Evaluation of fluorescence properties of Boron and Nitrogen doped CVD scintillators for LCLS-II x-ray profile monitors applications

Kujala N.G.

Installation of the HIgh REsolution hard X-ray single shot spectrometer (HIREX spectrometer) for photon diagnostics in the SASE1 beamline of the European XFEL

Labat M.

Electron and photon diagnostics for laser plasma acceleration based FEL

Li S.

Streaking diagnostics for attosecond X-ray pulses at the Linac Coherent Light Source

M. Braune

The online spectrometer OPIS at FLASH2

Makhotkin I.

Irradiation of EUV-mirrors with multiple FEL pulses below the single shot damage threshold

Makita M.

Diagnostics at the High-Energy Density Science Instrument at the European XFEL

Mincigrucci R.

Timing methodologies and studies at the FERMI Free Electron Laser

Owada S.

Photon Diagnostics at a SACLA Soft X-ray FEL beamline

Pardini T.

First experimental results obtained with the MEL-X deployed at the LCLS

Poletto L.

Compressors for FEL pulses using deformable gratings

Raimondi L.

Fermi diagnostic for KB alignment

Rehanek J.

Diagnostic Spectrometers for SwissFEL

Richter M.

Photoionization Cross Sections for Metrology

Sawhney K.

Speckle based in-situ metrology for X-ray wavefront and coherence characterisation

Schneider M.

In-situ single-shot diffractive fluence mapping for free-electron laser pulses

Seiboth F.

Aberration-corrected Be CRLs for high-intensity XFEL applications

Siewert F.

Ultra-precise mirrors for the European XFEL – their characterization by means of slope measuring deflectometry

Smedley J.

Diamond X-ray Beam Diagnostics

Sokolov A.

High performance At-Wavelength Metrology for XUV optics at BESSY-II

Vagovic P.

Wavefront analysis in intelligent beam stop of SPB instrument 

Yang B.

Fluid Dynamics Analysis of a Gas Device for High Repetition Rate X-ray FEL’s

Poster session (preliminary)

T.M. Baumann Photon beam diagnostics of the Small Quantum Systems (SQS) scientific instrument at European XFEL
T. Burian Reversible and irreversible responses of inorganic scintillators to extreme ultraviolet, soft x-ray and x-ray free-electron laser radiation
Y. Feng Experimental Observation of Filamentation Effect in Gas Devices for X-ray FEL’s
L. Poletto The monochromatic beamline for FLASH2 at DESY
A. Sokolov Efficient High-Order Suppression System for Metrology Beamlines
M. Störmer Boron carbide coatings for FEL optics: preparation and characterization
T. Wodzinski XUV wave front from long-pulse high harmonicgeneration dependence on driving laser conditions in the IR

Invited speakers (included in the list above)

Pavle Juranic, PSI
​Frank Siewert, HZB
Patrik Vagovic, XFel
Kawal Sawhney, Diamond
Ryan Coffee, SLAC​
​Marie Labat, SOLEIL​
Kenneth Goldberg, LBNL
Lorenzo Raimondi, Elettra
Ichiro Inoue, SACLA
Markus Braune, DESY
Jan Gruenert, XFel​
John Smedley, BNL

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