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HELP: [ [ How-To Shorten SharePoint URLs ] 
HELP: [ [ Simple Naming Conventions...Improve End User Experience ]

Folder and File Naming Conventions for SharePoint

Warning:  If the folder and file names are too long (limit is 256 characters), you may start experiencing problems with the links.  The only fix is to follow the recommended practices below. 

    Common problems:
Best practices:
  1. Keep Folder and File names short
    You can enter longer descriptions in the 'Title' field (which do not build the URLs).
    Shorten Folder names using Datasheet View of the Folders in IE browser. Shorten File names using 'Edit Properties' of the file.

  2. Use '-' and '_' for seperators in the folder and file names.
    Do not use illegal web characters '.'()', '/', '&', etc.

  3. Do not use spaces in any Folder or File name (these appear as an ugly '%20' in the URL).

  4. Build no more than 3 levels of Folders.

  5. Reference the short version of the URL when sending to others to use ('How To Shorten SharePoint URLs).

  6. For sorting by filename, use consistent naming conventions
    e.g.,  2015_01_15 sorts after  2014_11_07

    One way to name is 'YYYYMMDD_System_Name', e.g.,  20150207_PM_Galayda
Also consider not using folders at all - instead the recommended practice for SharePoint is to use metadata with views