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How-To (manually) Edit Documents

The manual steps outlined in these instructions are for non-Internet Explorers web browsers, but they also reliably work for Internet Explorer web browsers.

Internet Explorer users can use more automated steps, please see this Help page (section on 'Working with Files in a Document Library). 

If you have further questions after reading these instructions, please send e-mail to

  1. Logged in to the Intranet web page

    For SLAC computer accounts, login with username

    For collaborators computer accounts, login with username

  2. Hover your mouse on the right of the filename, and you will see a pulldown menu.

  3. Click on 'Check Out'
    This locks the file and ensures that others cannot change the file while you are editing it.

  4. Download the file and save it to a known location
    This will allow you to easily retrieve the file even in the event of a network disruption.

    Download File from SharePoint

  5. When you are finished editing the file, click on 'Upload' to upload the file with the same name, and check the file back in.
    If you upload with the same name, a new version of the same file will be created.
    If you upload with a different name, this will created a new file.

    After you have uploaded, go to the pulldown menu again in Step 3 and check-in the file to unlock it for others to edit.