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Instruments of LCLS


AMO: Atomic, Molecular & Optical Science


This instrument will enable the study of the interaction between the extremely intense LCLS X-ray pulses and the basic constituents of matter: atoms and molecules.


CXI: Coherent X-ray Imaging


This instrument will take advantage of the extremely bright, ultrashort LCLS pulses of hard X-rays to allow imaging of non-periodic nanoscale objects, including single or small clusters of biomolecules at or near atomic resolution.


MEC: Matter in Extreme Conditions


This proposed instrument will observe matter at temperatures exceeding 10,000 Kelvin and at pressures 10 million times the earth's atmospheric pressure at sea-level, enabling unprecedented understanding of exotic states of matter.


SXR: Soft X-ray Materials Science


This instrument will enable the high brightness and timing capability of the LCLS to be applied to scattering and imaging experiments that require the use of soft X-rays.


XCS: X-ray Correlation Spectroscopy


This instrument will observe dynamical changes of large groups of atoms in condensed matter systems over a wide range of time scales.


XPP: X-ray Pump Probe


This instrument will predominantly use a fast optical laser to generate transient states of matter, and the hard X-ray pulse from the LCLS to probe the structural dynamics initiated by the laser excitation.


Instrument Map


The interactive instrument map illustrates the physical location of each instrument within the LCLS and provides helpful information about each instrument.

Instruments page

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