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The SXR beamline provides intense ultra short soft x-ray pulses generated by the free electron laser (FEL) with a highly diverse set of experimental configurations using established and powerful tools such as x-ray emission, coherent imaging, resonant scattering, photoelectron spectroscopy and x-ray absorption spectroscopy. The science that can be performed at the SXR beamline covers wide-spread fields such as catalysis, magnetism, correlated materials, laboratory astrophysics and biological structure.

The beamline is equipped with a monochromator whose energy range (500eV - 2000eV) and covers several of the important K- and L- edges of the second and third row elements for resonant excitation with a resolving power on the order of 3000, but the monochromator can also deliver beam in the non-monochromatic mode. A simple stationary experimental setup is provided in Hutch 1 (shared with AMO) before the monochromator where samples can be studied by XAS in transmission mode, detected in a single shot setup at the monochromator exit slit position.

The main interaction point situated in Hutch 2, after the monochromator and a set of K-B mirrors which can focus the beam from about 1 mm square to 2 um x 2 um or so, is different with respect to other LCLS instruments in that it has no stationary end station.  Experimenters can either bring their own end stations or utilize available end stations that have already been integrated previously at SXR via collaborations.

SXR Location

Near Experimental Hall (NEH), Hutch 2 » map
The SXR is located within the LCLS Near Hall, in Hutch 2. 

SXR Animation (More videos)


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SXR Contact Information
 Name:   William F. Schlotter
 Title:   SXD Instrument Scientist
 Phone:   (650) 926-4940

 Name:  Joshua J. Turner
 Title:  SXD Instrument Scientist
 Phone:  (650) 926-4437

 Name:  Stefan Moeller
 Title:  SXD Instrument Scientist
 Phone:  (650) 926-5321

 Name:  Georgi Dakovski
 Title:  SXD Research Associate 
 Phone:  (650) 926-5703

 Name:  Michele Swiggers
 Title:  SXD Area Manager
 Phone:  (650) 926-2036

SXR Control Main: (650) 926-7455
SXR Hutch 2: (650) 926-7462

SLAC SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, CA
Operated by Stanford University for the U.S. Dept. of Energy