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An Office of Science User Facility

Matter in Extreme Conditions (MEC)

This site is OBSOLETE as of 30 Oct. 2017
Please go to the new MEC site



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The MEC instrument  

 The LCLS beam with its high peak brightness, short pulse duration, and tunable X-ray photon energy provides revolutionary capabilities to study the transient behavior of matter in extreme conditions. The particular strength of the Matter in Extreme Conditions (MEC) instrument is to combine the unique LCLS beam with high power optical laser beams, and a suite of dedicated diagnostics tailored for this field of science (including an X-ray Thomson scattering spectrometer, an XUV spectrometer, a Fourier domain interferometer, and a VISAR system). While the large vacuum target chamber makes the endstation very versatile, it has been designed to service key scientific areas including Warm Dense Matter physics, high pressure studies, shock physics, and high energy density physics.

MEC instrument paper

MEC Location

Far Experimental Hall (FEH), Hutch 6 » map
The MEC is located within the LCLS Far Hall, in Hutch 6.  
MEC Contact Information
 Name: Alan Fry
 Title: MEC Dept Head
 Phone: (650) 926-7422

 Name: Hae Ja Lee
 Title: MEC Instrument Scientist
 Phone: (650) 926-2049

 Name: Bob Nagler 
 Title: MEC Instrument Scientist
 Phone: (650) 926-3810

 Name: Eric Galtier 
 Title: MEC Instrument Scientist
 Phone: (650) 926-6227

 Name: Oliver Hickman
 Title: MEC Area Manager
 Phone: (650) 926-2934

MEC Control Room: Phone 7970
MEC Hutch: Phone 7974
MEC Vestibule: Phone 7976

MEC Animation (More videos)

MEC Image Gallery (More images)

MEC Instrument Image

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