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An Office of Science User Facility

Macromolecular Femtosecond Crystallography (MFX)

This site is OBSOLETE as of 30 Oct. 2017
Please go to the new MFX site


The MFX instrument
The Macromolecular Femtosecond Crystallography (MFX) instrument will primarily make use of the ability for short pulses of X-rays to limit damage to samples during the exposure. The “diffraction-before-destruction” concept can enable high resolution data to be collected on radiation-sensitive samples, primarily biological samples. This will allow for example the study of metal-containing macromolecules which are particularly sensitive to radiation damage due to the high absorption of X-rays by the metal atoms.
The MFX instrument will be primarily focused on macromolecular crystallography at atmospheric pressure, utilizing the widely developed techniques from synchrotron sources. A variety of sample delivery and handling methods will be available, including a fixed target, rapid scanning goniometer as well as versatile liquid jet systems. Plans include helium atmosphere sample environments as well as humidity control.
A versatile platform for experiments will be provided with a large area sample table as well as a floor-mounted detector mover and a ceiling-mounted detector robot. This will allow other complementary techniques to be used simultaneously with crystallographic methods.
Long term plans include a pump laser system for both time-resolved measurements as well as sample characterization.

For more information about the instrument see here:

MFX Location

The MFX instrument is located in Hutch 4.5 of the Far Experimental Hall of LCLS. The hutch is ~10 m long by 5 m wide and located 430 m away from the LCLS source.

Far Experimental Hall (FEH), Hutch 5​ » map

The CXI is located within the LCLS Far Hall, in Hutch 5.  

The CXI is located within the LCLS Far Hall, in Hutch 5.  


 MFX Links

MFX Contact Information
 Name: Alex Batyuk
 Title: Scientist
 Phone: (650) 926-4957

 Name: Roberto Alonso-Mori
 Title: Scientist
 Phone: (650) 926-4179

 Name: Andy Aquila
 Title: Scientist
 Phone: (650) 926-2682

 Name: Mark Hunter
 Title: Scientist
 Phone: (650) 926-6294

 Name: Meng Liang
 Title: Scientist
 Phone: (650) 926-2827

 Name: Ray Sierra
 Title: Scientist
 Phone: (650) 926-3148

 Name: Matt Hayes
 Title: MFX Area Manager
 Phone: (650)926-3060

 Name: Sebastien Boutet
 Title: Department Head
 Phone: (650)926-8676

MFX Control Room: (650) 926-1745
MFX Hutch: (650) 926-1845

MFX Animation


MFX Image Gallery (More images)

MFX Instrument Image
MFX Images html file

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