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​ Sample Environment Department


Injector Characterization Lab



The Injector Characterization Lab (ICL) is located equidistant between the near and far experimental halls in building 750 room 108. It houses a suite of tools for fabricating and testing sample delivery equipment for LCLS experiments. Please contact Bob Sublett( ) for ICL access, training and scehduling.




Nozzle Fabrication

The ICL is stocked with the raw materials to fabricate nozzles and is available to users. This includes capillaries of various sizes and materials, a polishing wheel, and microscopes. If you require special equipment, or want us to fabricate specialty nozzles for your experiment, please contact us as early as possible.

Injector Testing stations

Two rough-vacuum injector testing stations are located in the ICL. The systems are driven by the same Sample Delivery System that is used in the hutches for actual LCLS experiments. They include imaging systems that allow remote video monitoring and image capture, allowing the testing to be performed remotely if desired. Users are able to send samples to LCLS and arrange to have them loaded into a testing station. They can then login remotely and operate the SDS while monitoring live video to perform testing and optimization. Notes and images can be stored along with all operating parameters in the E-Log. For safety training and scheduling contact Bob Sublett(

Injector testing stations

High Vacuum Test Chamber

A versatile high vacuum chamber is available for testing sample injection. This chamber is currently pumped by a 600 L/S turbo.


FEL Simulator 

The FEL Simulator is a versatile high vacuum test chamber that incorporates sample injection, ion detection and a laser system. The goal of the system is to give users a proxy for FEL hit-rate using laser ionization of their sample, and to optimize sample injection based on this proxy. The system is currently under construction and should be online sometime during run 11. It will initially be used for optimizing aerosol and gas injection, but should also be extended to liquid injection in the future.



Rendering of the FEL Simulator chamber





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