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The LCLS Sample Environment Department (SED) was created in 2013 with the primary goal of making all necessary equipment and training for onsite sample characterization, manipulation, and delivery to beam, available to all potential users. SED is currently in the process of building and acquiring a broad inventory of sample delivery equipment which is detailed on our equipment page​. Since each experiment has unique sample environment requirements, the department will be operating two new labs for sample characterization and delivery optimization. The Injector Characterization Lab (ICL) is currently open to users for optimizing sample delivery, allowing users to test sample delivery feasibility prior to proposal submission and to optimize sample delivery prior to beamtime. Use of the ICL is expected to reduce experimental setup time and greatly increase the efficiency of LCLS beamtime. The Sample Characterization Lab (SCL) is currently in the design phase, and will house a range of characterization tools. The SED will work with users to develop the right sample delivery method for their experiments, and will train users to test and run their own samples prior to LCLS beamtime.
Tiny crystallized protein samples are streamed across X-ray laser pulses in this illustration of serial femtosecond crystallography.(Credit: Greg Stewart/SLAC.)
SED Contact Information
 Name:   Dr. Daniel DePonte
 Title:   SED Staff Scientist  
  (Dept.  Head)
 Office:   B901-118
 Phone:   (650) 926-2368

 Name: Dr. Jake Koralek
SED Staff Scientist
 Phone: (650) 926-3335

 Name: Bob Sublett
SED Area Manager
 Phone: (650) 926-3184

ICL: (650) 926-4638



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