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An Office of Science User Facility

Current Postings

Job posting are managed via the primary SLAC employment website. Click here to view LCLS-related job openings.

Graduate students

Through collaborative research, LST scientists mentor graduate students in project involving next generation laser technology and development of experimental facilities. LST encourages interested graduate student to apply for the DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Program. To inquire about conducting graduate research at SLAC, please


Undergraduate Students

The LCLS has a well-established, centrally managed summer internship program for undergraduate students. Each intern is partnered with a mentor, typically a staff scientist or engineer, who directs the internship project during the summer. The primary goal of the program is to provide interns with a stimulating, real-world research experience. Technical projects are matched to the interests and skills of each intern, as well as to the programmatic needs of the facility. Example projects include:

Laboratory projects

  • design of instrument and measurement of the timing jitter between ultrafast laser pulses
  • development of a non-linear optical system for high-contrast laser pulses
  • development of multi-photon pulse-width diagnostic
  • micro-machining capillaries for deep-UV jet sources
  • design and construction of an ultra-high vacuum experimental chamber for attoscience experiments
  • characterization of reflectivity and dispersion characteristics of optical coatings
  • ASIC development for high-speed X-ray detectors
  • characterization of a pulsed sample delivery system for X-ray protein crystallography
  • characterization of saturable absorption properties of laser safety glass
  • characterization of beam pointing stabilization system

Programming/modeling projects

  • analysis of data from LCLS experiments on X-ray interactions with diatomic molecules
  • modeling of ultrafast laser propagation through dispersive media
  • modeling of THz generation by coherent transition radiation
  • implementation of on-line data analysis algorithms for LCLS experiments
  • interfacing centralized data acquisition system with laser timing system
  • analysis of publication data to determine scientific productivity of facility

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