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Welcome to the LCLS-II Instruments Blog


March 01
The First One

The goal of this blog is to open up a forum about the LCLS-II instruments to the LCLS user community. The LCLS has started a planning process for new instruments to use the high brightness, ultrafast x-rays produced by LCLS-II. We are holding a workshop, LCLS-II New Instruments Workshops, March 19 - 22, 2011. Further information is available at If you are unable to attend the meeting, we would still like to consider your ideas for LCLS-II scientific opportunities and instrumentation requirements. During the summer 2012, we shall submit a white paper to the Department of Energy Basic Energy Sciences for the LCLS-II Instruments.

Please communicate with us and help us.

Best wishes,
Jo Stohr
LCLS Director
Phil Heimann and Jerry Hastings
Workshop Organizers

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