The LCLS II project is on track to deliver new x-ray capabilities in 2018 following a successful CD-2 review on August 21-23, 2012. This is the start and not the end. As with LCLS, a separate project will provide the bulk of the new instruments. In conjunction with the annual users' meeting, the LCLS-II / LUSI-II workshop on Saturday, October 6th will follow up on the March LCLS II New Instruments Workshops and provide an opportunity for discussing the design concepts for the LUSI II x-ray instruments. The success of the LCLS-II depends on user input even at this stage as we begin the process of developing detailed specifications for the instrument suite.

The morning of October 6th will have instrument specific science talks. In the afternoon, there will be parallel breakout sessions to begin focused discussions on the Nanocrystal X-ray Diffraction Instrument, the Soft X-ray Suite and the general purpose Hard X-Ray instrument respectively.  Please see the draft LCLS II/LUSI II Workshop program. Contact organizers (Phil Heimann, Jerry Hastings) for more details.

Register to participate in the October 3-6 LCLS/SSRL Annual Users' Meeting and Workshops

And if lodging accommodations are needed, contact the Stanford Guest House before September 10 (specify 'SLAC' and group block 'USERS12') to take advantage of discounted rates. Call 650-926-2800 or reserve on-line at 

We look forward to your participation and input!