LCLS CXI Protein Crystal Screening Proposals
-- Due 2/12/2013

Greetings LCLS Scientific User Community:

To enhance the effectiveness of the serial crystallography program at the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS), we will dedicate shifts for Protein Crystal Screening (PCS) at the CXI instrument during Run 8, July 2013 - March 2014 (LCLS will be shut down August-September 2013). Successful PCS proposals are expected to receive very short allocations of beam time (~up to 6 hours). These PCS proposals will be reviewed by the LCLS PRP BIO panel separately from regular proposals.

Submit PCS proposals by February 12, 2013 (Regular LCLS proposals must be submitted by January 15, 2013). See guidelines at:

It is understood that PCS proposals are of a more exploratory nature than regular proposals. Since the new PCS screening beamtime is intended in part to explore novel problems and new samples, whether a sample has been used before at LCLS will be a factor considered during the proposal review process. The short time expected to be allocated for each accepted PCS proposal will limit the possibilities of equipment modification to the beamline, for example, limiting the availability of sample delivery systems to those currently owned by CXI. No laser excitations will be available for PCS proposals.

PCS proposals are submitted independently of regular LCLS proposals, and there are no restrictions with regard to the scope and/or possible overlap or redundancy with regular LCLS proposals. If the PCS proposal is related to one or more regular LCLS proposals that have been previously submitted or already received beam time, the team must state this in the proposal.

PCS proposals are limited to a two-page PDF, including references and figures. PCS proposals must provide sufficient information to evaluate the impact, originality, need for LCLS, scientific risk, prior results, as well as technical feasibility. Submit LCLS PCS proposals through the user portal (the new PCS proposal submission process is expected to be ready by late January):

PCS proposals will follow a similar format as regular proposals. Provide a descriptive title of your proposed experiment that you would be willing to be made public if awarded beam time. Provide a brief abstract (also include the abstract in the two-page proposal PDF). Identify all proposal team members. In the safety management portion, identify any safety concerns that may arise with samples you will examine, equipment you will use, or techniques you will perform (including any physical, chemical or biological hazards) and how these issues will be addressed in the experiment design.

The rules regarding addenda and progress reports are the same as for regular proposals. The new PCS proposal submission process is being developed in the user portal and is expected to be ready for users to submit PCS proposals by late January. In the interim, review new PCS proposal guidelines at:

Researchers interested in submitting PCS proposals for the CXI instrument should contact CXI Department Head Sebastien Boutet ( to learn about the instrumentation as well as sample delivery methods available for Run 8. For more general questions regarding PCS proposal process, please contact LCLS Deputy Director Uwe Bergmann (

Please share and post the attached notice to help advertise the new LCLS protein crystal screening (PCS) proposals.

LCLS PCS proposals must be submitted before 4 PM (Pacific) on Tuesday, FEBRUARY 12, 2013.

Regular LCLS proposals must be submitted before 4 PM (Pacific) on Tuesday, January 15, 2013.


14 December 2012