Gate 17 construction access changes May-June 2013

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Construction is planned to update Gate 17 with proximity access hardware and to change the steps next to the Security hut to an ADA compliant ramp. This construction is scheduled to begin Tuesday 5/28 and be completed by 6/28. During this construction, access to the LCLS and SSRL buildings and experimental facilities will be provided as follows:


Vehicles Only Through Gate 17 5/28-6/28

0600-1530 (6 am-3:30 pm) Construction Zone. Only VEHICLE traffic will be allowed access through Gate 17 and flagman will provide traffic control.

1530-1800 (3:30-6:00 pm) Assumes construction will have stopped for the day; both traffic lanes will be open for vehicles.

1800-0600 (6 pm-6 am) As now, Gate 17 will be closed or barricaded overnight.


Pedestrian Only Through Gate 16 5/28-6/28

The pedestrian turnstile at Gate 16A will not change. The turnstile is available for pedestrian use 24/7 as long as the individual has a valid SLAC ID badge (and there is a guard at Gate 30 to 'buzz' them through).

0700-1600 (6 am-4 pm) Pedestrians who would normally walk through Gate 17 will instead follow the detour to Gate 16 swing gate which will be unlocked and staffed by Security. A valid SLAC ID badge is needed to enter; new users without IDs will be allowed to proceed for check-in and badging after confirmation with the User Research Administration Office (see detour map).


Cathy Knotts

User Research Administration Office
23 May 2013



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