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LCLS > News > 2014-09-09

LCLS Users' Executive Committee Update - Submit Nominations by September 19, 2014

The Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) has a users' organization which provides an organized framework for interaction between the scientists who are interested in using the LCLS (the users) and LCLS/SLAC Management. The LCLS Users' Executive Committee (LCLS UEC) is the formal organizational unit and is broadly concerned with representing the scientific user community and facilitating the availability and effective use of LCLS. The LCLS UEC meets 3-4 times during the year to communicate the interests of users regarding LCLS operating policies, use of LCLS, user support, and other relevant issues of concern to those engaged in research at this facility. The committee includes user representatives from various scientific disciplines. Contact members of the UEC if you have questions, suggestions or other feedback. 

Annually, there is an open nomination process to identify scientists interested in standing for election to the LCLS UEC. Please submit nominations by September 19th by completing the online nomination form or by sending the nomination information to me by email. 
An electronic ballot will be circulated in early October. LCLS UEC members are elected by the scientific user community and serve 3 year terms. The results of the LCLS UEC election will be announced at the annual LCLS/SSRL Users' Meeting on October 9th.

Please consider and submit nominations. Also plan to join us at the October 7-10 Annual Users' Conference. The plenary session user facility updates, keynote talks, award presentations, users' organization discussion, exhibits, user poster session and reception will be held on October 9. Several parallel workshops will be held October 7, 8 and 10:

  • In-situ/Operando Characterization of Soft Materials (October 7)
  • Progress Toward Single Particle Imaging (October 7)
  • Application of LCLS in Industrial Research (October 7-8)
  • Advances in Actinide Science from Synchrotron Spectroscopy (Joint SSRL/ALS Workshop) (October 8)
  • In Situ Studies of Inorganic Transition-Metal Complexes (October 8)
  • International Year of Crystallography - X-ray Diffraction Success Stories (October 8)
  • LCLS Detector Development (October 8)
  • LCLS Data Collection, Diagnostics, Analysis, Interpretation (October 8)
  • Characterizing and Controlling Chemical Dynamics -- New Approaches to Resolving Long Standing Questions in Chemical Reactivity (October 10)
  • Looking Ahead: SAM Developers Forum (October 10)
  • Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering (October 10)
  • Sample Delivery Systems (October 10)
  • Software for Serial Crystallography (October 10)
Thank you.
Cathy Knotts
Manager, User Research Administration
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) & Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS)
2575 Sand Hill Road, SLAC MS 99
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Tel. 650-926-3191
Fax 650-926-3600/8554


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