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7/1/2020Looping X-rays to produce higher quality laser pulses
5/20/2020Untangling a key step in photosynthetic oxygen production
11/19/20193D chemistry comes to fossils
8/16/2019Understanding ourseleves and our past
5/23/2019Seeing Red in the Fossil Record
5/21/20193 million-year-old 'mighty mouse' fossil still has red fur
11/13/2018X-rays Show How Periods Stress Changed Ice Age Hyena Bone
11/7/2018How Plants Produce Oxygen Revealed by 'Tour-de-Force' Laser Measurement
11/7/2018Researchers create most complete high-res atomic movie of photosynthesis to date
5/21/2018How Gel and X-rays are Helping Us Fix Art and Read Thousand-Year-Old Manuscripts
3/26/2018Hidden Medical Text Read for the First Time in a Thousand Years
1/11/2018Powerful pulses of X-rays see through molecules in an instant
11/27/2017Controlling 2-D Materials With Light
6/22/2017How single chemical bond balances cells between life and death
11/21/2016New Detailed Snapshots Capture Photosynthesis at Room Temperature
10/26/2016X-rays Revealing the Mysterious Writings in Mummy Coffins
9/30/2016X-Ray Images of Bird Feathers Hold the Secret to Dinosaur Colors
9/23/2016Showing their true colours: Chemical clues in modern birds could reveal what the dinosaurs REALLY looked like
11/9/2015The Invisible Library, Article in 'The New Yorker'
8/17/2015L’archéoptéryx retrouve ses plumes, Article in 'Le Monde' (in French)
8/8/2015'L’œuvre d’art n’est pas celle que l’on croit' Article in 'Le Monde' on Art and Science (in French)
4/30/2015Quote in article on solar fuels
4/29/2015Artificial photosynthesis energy research powered by X-ray lasers
4/20/2015Naturejobs blog feature 'The postdoc series: What comes next?'
9/22/2014Article in 'Le Monde' about X-rays and Art (in French)
7/9/2014Postcard from the Photosynthetic Edge
3/27/2014The Ancient Biochemical Past Of Trees Is Illuminated By The Light Of A Million Suns
6/20/2013X-rays and Operas: A Collaborative Restoration
6/12/2013Research Paints New Picture of 'Dinobird' Feathers
6/11/2013Stanford X-ray reveals long-lost notes of historic opera
2/14/2013X-ray Laser Sees Photosynthesis in Action
11/5/2012X-ray 'Prism' Explores Chemical Changes at the Molecular Scale
10/15/2012Chemical Ghosts
6/6/2012Power Plants: Scientists use X-Ray Laser Probe Engines of Photosynthesis
11/17/2011SLAC research cracks puzzle critical to food supply
6/30/2011X-Rays Reveal Patterns Plumage of First Birds

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