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ARCHIVED: IDEA: Intrumentation, Diagnostics & Engineering


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IDEA: Intrumentation, Diagnostics & Engineering

Mission: Make Accelerators Work

IDEA: Intrumentation, Diagnostics & Engineering works in the gap between what is traditionally considered physics and engineering for the design and operation of existing and near term accelerator facilities. This includes accelerator design and modeling, beam tuning and control, diagnostics, accelerator commissioning and operations. The IDEA group supports a variety of accelerator projects with substantial efforts in:

ATF2 - Linear Collider final focus test, Located at KEK - Japan

CTF3 - Test facility for a high energy linear collider located at CERN

FACET - Plasma wakefield accelerator test system located at SLAC using sectors 0-20 of the main linac.

LCLS - Worlds first hard X-ray laser. Located at SLAC using sectors 20-30 of the main linac

LHC - High energy proton collider located at CERN

NLCTA - High gradient X-band test accelerator located at SLAC


SLAC Physics Apps, a table of the "high level" applications for accelerator controls, simulation and diagnostics, used in the SLAC accelerator complex. 

Detailed list of the documents of IDEA can be found in the idea document library. ​

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