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Accelerator Applications


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SLAC has a strong base of accelerator technology and expertise, and there are many scientific, industrial, medical and security applications that can benefit from the accelerator science developed here.  We welcome collaboration with individual researchers, institutions and industry partners in pursuing these applications, as part of the Department of Energy’s mission to help fuel innovation and economic competitiveness.
Here is a list of contacts with expertise in particular applications:
​Applications Category POC​ phone​ email​
Sami Tantawi ​650-926-4454
National Security
Michael Fazio ​650-926-5765
Radiation Generation
Tor Raubenheimer ​650-926-2474
THz Generation
Jeff Neilson ​650-926-4403
Neutron Generation
Chris Adolphsen ​650-926-3560
Materials Science
​​Zhirong Huang ​650-926-3947 zrh@SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Radio Isotopes
​​Chris Adolphsen ​650-926-3560
Vinod Bharadwaj ​650-926-4596
Quality Control
Chris Adolphsen ​650-926-3560
Energy Security
Michael Fazio ​​650-926-5765
Michael Fazio ​650-926-5765
Michael Fazio ​650-926-5765
For general information contact:
Jean-Pierre Delahaye  650-926-4327  jpd@SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Mark Kemp                650-926-2602  mkemp@SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Marc Ross                 650-926-3574  mcrec@SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Michael Fazio            650-926-5765  mfazio@SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Vinod Bharadwaj       650-926-4596



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